We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Well, time passes. We start out very tiny and then grow to full size. All this takes place in the first 26 years or so. Then, after the age of 26, life catches up to us. Family, work etc.

Now personally, I’ve never been a very active person. I was more of the great indoors type than the great outdoors. Thus, when great outdoors skill and stamina were required, I was lacking. Let me give you an example:

When I was in high school many decades ago, Physical Education was a required course at least for one semester. So you asked yourself, how hard could it be? Well…. if you had normal outside activities, not so much but for myself, it was a problem.

At the end of the semester, we were suppose to pass tests that required a LOT of strength, for instance, climbing up a very long rope and working to the top of a peg board basically by holding on to large wooden dowels and moving them and oneself to the top. Needless to say, I had a major problem; failing PE was not an option.

Fortunately, final exam was after the two week Christmas vacation and I was determined to pass. I had received a barbell set as a gift (back in those days, people were into fitness) so I started a crash strength training program. Every day, I lifted to build my strength enough to pass the test.

It worked! I was able to get strong enough to pass the course in those two weeks. I didn’t make an A but I passed. And I learned that I actually enjoyed the weight lifting.

So throughout high school and college, I did weight lifting. I really didn’t approach it as a bodybuilding program but I did get pretty strong.

Then college was over and the daily grind set in. Thus, my weight lifting fell by the wayside. Now, I had built up enough muscle where it was 15 years or so before I needed to get serious again. This time, I hit the gym with all it’s special equipment and built up some pretty good muscles.

But again the daily grind finally ground me to a halt with my exercise program. So, 20 years passed and one day, I noticed I was losing my strength AND muscle mass. I had been too sedentary for too long. Getting weaker was the last proverbial straw.

So, as my New Year’s Resolution for 2018, I decided to go on the Stillman Protein diet AND exercise.

I dragged out my barbells and plates. It was rather distressing because weights that had been easy were now tough. I was worse off than I’d ever been in the strength department.

So, I started slow and very, very light. At 65 years of age, I wondered how far I was going to get.

I designed a program that I split into legs, shoulders and arms. I used a light enough weight to get the muscles use to working properly and keep a good form.

I cannot say how gratified it was to see that my muscles were again growing!

Having lifted earlier in my life, I knew how to do a program and how to pace myself. I started slow and light. Now, about 3 months later, I’ve added more exercises and more weight to the lifts. Needless to say, I have a ways to go but already I see major improvements.

For instance, I was having problems with being stiff all the time. That has pretty much gone away. It is easier to get up and down out of chairs and of course, to pick things up. Problems I was having with my back have been greatly reduced. I anticipate, as I continue the weight lifting program, to see major progress.

In body building, there is a saying: Use it or Lose it! It never occurred to me that without some weight lifting, the loss would be just simply everyday actions such as trouble getting up and down or back pain. Or being stiff all the time.

I can tell you, it is never too late to start. If you have never lifted weights, seek some expert help to design a program for you. The local gym or spa have people you can consult. If you can, get a workout partner. When you are lifting with a friend, you tend to work harder which is better for you.

Be sure to take whatever supplements your expert recommends. They do make a difference.

If you have too much fat, like I did, consider the Stillman diet along with your weight program. You will see results quickly in both categories.

The choice is yours. Be a weak, shriveled up person who wastes away or a strong person who can walk up stairs, get up and down easily and carry the grocery bag without assistance.

For me? I’m not going to waste away. I will continue my weight lifting program. That few hours a week is time well spent.

Stillman Diet Update – Wow

It is now the beginning of the 9th week of the Stillman diet and I am down approximately 24 pounds. That averages out to 2.6 pounds per week.

It’s a fast loss but not so fast that my skin is hanging off me. That’s the beauty of the Stillman diet, the body smoothly drops the weight and balances itself out. No matter how much weight you need to lose. A good example of this is Author Kelly L. Stones experience on the Stillman Diet (LINK) where she lost 50 pounds returning to her high school figure. Even losing this large amount of weight, there was no sagging skin!

Just a few pointers to help the diet along. It is important to take plenty of vitamins and minerals during the diet, although you should be taking them every day anyway. Particularly take plenty of potassium,  magnesium and a quality multi-vitamin. These two minerals are depleted due to the diuretic effect of the diet so you have to put extra back in. Dr. Stillman talks about this in his book, The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet. It’s also mentioned in the book, Protein Power which is a slightly modified version of the Stillman Diet. The Protein Power program works but it is slower due to adding a few things to the eating schedule.

If you are in a hurry to trim up, and who isn’t, Dr. Stillman’s program is the best. If you are not in a hurry and can live with a 50 percent drop in effectiveness, e.g. with my results, rather than 2.6 pounds per week, it would be 1.3 pounds per week, the Protein Power program is the way to go.

The important thing to remember is there is an effective and economical way to trim down to a healthy figure. All it takes is eating the right foods as per the Stillman program or the Protein Power program. I urge you to get both of these books to learn how to take control of your body image. With the holiday season approaching, make a resolution to get The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet and Protein Power. Then put them into action and feel good about yourself!

Stillman Diet Update – Impressive Results

I first learned about the Stillman diet in 1971 while I was a college student. Being young and active, weight was not a problem but I always take note of information that may be useful in the future.

As time progressed and activity levels dropped, weight became an issue so I pulled out the Stillman diet.

Oh I did try the more traditional diets. All they resulted in was being hungry all the time and practically no fat loss. No wonder people give up trying to get rid of excess fat.

But with the Stillman diet, it’s a totally different story. You get to eat EVERY time you are hungry. You get to eat as much as you want. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t care to.

And the result? I went back on the Stillman diet September 28th. As of today, November 24th, I have lost 21.8 pounds. I am almost to my goal!

I have not been hungry nor have I had to engage in an exercise program although I could use some exercise.

An interesting side note. I thought, in my regular diet, that I was getting plenty of protein but I began to notice my muscles were deteriorating. Since I went on Stillman’s program, my muscles are recovering. So, not only do I feel better and my clothes fit better, my physical health is improving from all the protein. If you are an older person, protein is your friend!

Another interesting note is that on the Stillman diet, your sense of smell and taste sharpen tremendously. It is an interesting phenomena.

The diet is amazing and simple to do. If you are a woman, you should read Kelly Stone’s story (LINK) of how she regained her high school figure in just a few months. She started out a skeptic and then believed she couldn’t do the diet but once she started, it changed her life. The Stillman diet can change yours as well!

Stillman Diet – Simple, Fast, Effective

For those of you who’ve read author Kelly L. Stone’s article ( LINK to Article) on her experience with the Stillman diet, losing 50lbs in a few months and returning to her high school figure, you know how powerful this diet is.

I myself have used this diet when needed over the years. Recently, I decided it was time to dump a few uncomfortable pounds and I’d like to present how I go about doing the Stillman diet effectively.

The first thing I do, before going on the diet is stockpiling beef and chicken. I also use eggs but I have to get those as needed as there is no convenient way to store them. I have plenty of hamburger, some steak for a treat and my two favorite chicken pieces, thighs and breasts, on hand before I even begin.

The reason is that once you start, you don’t want to be distracted by having to run to the store. The way I do the diet is to eat several small meals per day. For instance, I may start the day with a hot air cooked hamburger patty. To spice it up, I use plenty of pink himalayan salt, pepper and sometimes, spicy brown mustard. The generic Walmart brands are economical and do not have anything in them to throw off the diet.

The idea is to eat when you are hungry. You can eat as much of the diet foods as you want and still lose weight. It is the only diet I know where you are never hungry!

My next meal, depending on my mood is either another hamburger patty or a piece of chicken cooked on the hot air cooker.

After you’ve been on the diet for a couple of weeks your appetite is very reduced and so, maybe two meals is all you need. But you do need to eat the protein for the diet to work quickly.

In the early stages of the diet, e.g. within the first two weeks, you might be eating 4 or 5 small meals per day. After the diet settles in, you desire much less.

Another variety I like with my hamburger patty is to eat a boiled egg with it. It really spices it up.

It has been my experience on the Stillman diet that there is an average fat loss of 3.5 pounds per week. All with never being hungry!

The loss is slow enough that the skin adjusts but fast enough that you can see progress almost every day. For myself, I have already lost 7 lbs in two weeks. I don’t have much more I need to lose.

take control of your weight easily and fast. Look into the Stillman diet!