Nutrients and Health: Is Aging Necessary?

Although my professional degrees are in Psychology and Counseling, I have always been fascinated with biology and physiology. I have taken courses and conducted independent study for over 40 years.

What has stuck with me all these years is how biologists were baffled as to why people aged.  After all, cells are replaced on a continuous basis. As a matter of fact, every part of the body is totally replaced every few years! Yet, people deteriorate and eventually die. The question is why.

Of course, when one is young, you never think about dying. If you are fortunate, your immediate family lives a long time and you don’t have to deal with death until you are in your 30s or 40s. By this time though, you are on the way downhill yourself!

I am going to post a series of short articles as to what I have found is the reason behind aging.

The bottom line is the body wears out because it doesn’t have the necessary repair material. I am going to cover the areas that most people lack. It is just a fact from studying various cultures around the world that when people provide their bodies with the nutrients they need, they live a long, healthy life.

I hope you enjoy the series! Feel free to post questions.

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  1. Sue says:

    Looking forward to more articles and what more I can do to prolong my life.

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