Take Charge of Your Health – Let Your Body Guide You

Have you ever wondered how humans survived without what we call modern medicine?

Think about it. Humans have been around for thousands of years, surviving in parts of the planet that can kill you very fast. Yet, people survive.

It is obvious that people have an inner guidance on what is required to be healthy. It is when they ignore this inner guidance, they become sick.

The thing about this inner guidance is that is subtle. This is why most people ignore it. Also, the thinking mind makes things complicated and tries to analyze everything.

Just to give you an example of my personal experience. Since infancy, I had problems with a magnesium deficiency.  As a matter of fact, when I was an infant, I had convulsions which is a symptom of severe magnesium deficiency!  Of course, I didn’t know this was my problem and neither did the doctors. They ran all sorts of neurological tests and came up empty; no brain problems. Fortunately, they figured out that by giving me a particular baby formula, it would stop the convulsions. They never knew that it was something as simple, yet life threatening, as a magnesium deficiency!

It wasn’t until the last eight or so years that I discovered I had a magnesium deficiency. I was having high blood pressure and heart arrhtymias and needed to find out why. My research indicated that lack of magnesium was the problem. When I looked back at other health issues I’d had in my life, including the convulsions in infancy, it was clear that I had a magnesium problem all my life.

Magnesium deficiency leads to heart problems and high blood pressure. I was having all those things. When I found out what my problems was, it was easy and inexpensive to solve. Magnesium capsules along with the other support alkaline minerals. As a matter of fact, it was incredibly easy to get rid of the problems I was having fast and they haven’t been back!

But, in doing my research on magnesium and magnesium sources, I discovered that my mind had always been trying to help me solve my magnesium problem since childhood; I just didn’t realize it. How was it doing it? By directing me to different types of food.

All my life, I’ve loved almonds, cashews, coconut, brazil nuts, figs, peanuts and chocolate just to name a few. And guess what, all these foods are high magnesium food!

Another example was that when I was a child, I would sometimes have a low blood sugar reaction where I would become weak and tremble; of course I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time. I automatically got a handful of saltine crackers and the episode would be over quickly! I didn’t know why, I just knew that it worked.

It’s been well documented that pregnant women have unusual food cravings. The reason is their body knows what it needs for a healthy pregnancy and knows what foods will provide it so it generates an overwhelming craving.

But it’s clear that everyone’s body is always monitoring what it needs, not just pregnant women. My personal experience demonstrates that this same process works guiding you to desire foods that will solve your health issues.

So, look at the type of food, and I mean healthy food, not junk food, that you crave. Then, see what sorts of nutrients are in that particular food. You will discover what your body is lacking. This will allow you to select supplements that you need more efficiently.

Bottom line: if you have no deficiencies, you will be healthy! If you listen to your body, you will have no deficiencies!

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