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Before Stillman Diet

Aug. 2013 – Before Stillman Diet


 My Successful Experience with the Stillman Diet

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The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Method, a high-protein diet developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Irvin Stillman, is just what the name suggests: a quick way to lose weight without drugs or exercise. I know because from August 2013 to December 2013, I lost 50 pounds following Dr. Stillman’s advice-that’s roughly ten pounds a month. No matter how you look at it, ten pounds a month can not be considered unsafe-that’s less than 4 pounds per week. I’d like to share my experience with you so that you might consider using Dr. Stillman’s diet as an easy and fast way to shed unwanted pounds.

By the way, Dr. Stillman’s book, The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Method, is still available on Amazon.

My Experience

I’m 5’8” tall and in August 2013, topped the scales at 185.5 pounds.  I felt sluggish, my appetite was out of control, I craved sweets and pasta constantly, I could never get full no matter how much I ate, I got a stress fracture in my leg when I tried running the weight off (plus I only lost 7 pounds during the 4 months I was running), and I looked and felt awful. To make matters worse, my medical check-up for health insurance revealed I was pre-diabetic, hypertensive, my “bad” cholesterol was high, and my BMI was over 30 which put me in the “obese” category.  It was depressing!

So I ate my last pizza on August  18, 2013 (yes I ate the whole thing by myself) and started the diet on Monday, August 19. Following Dr. Stillman’s “approved foods” list in his book, I stocked up on lean hamburger meat, lean chicken, tuna in water, 2% cottage cheese, and steak.

I confess that the first two weeks was the hardest; getting into the mindset to eat two boiled eggs for breakfast, a hamburger patty or can of tuna for lunch, and a broiled steak for dinner took some mental and physical adjusting. I had a mild headache and some GI distress as my body detoxed from carbs, but within three days I’d lost my first two pounds. The first two weeks I lost about 12 pounds. That was enough encouragement for me to keep going.

After two weeks the diet became easy. My appetite decreased significantly, so that a hamburger patty or can of tuna actually filled me up. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to eat a small amount of protein and feel full! Grocery shopping became a breeze, and as I continued to diet, I was consistently losing three to five pounds per week.  When I lost 20 pounds people started to notice and compliment me, which also helped me keep going.

After I’d dropped 25 pounds I had another medical check-up, and the nurse who did my bloodwork was astounded at the results-I was no longer pre-diabetic or hypertensive, my “bad” cholesterol had dropped to a normal level, and my BMI was 20, which put me in the “normal” range.

I lost a total of 50 pounds on the Stillman diet and am now in maintenance phase. Dr. Stillman has a “three-pound-red-flag-rule” to help you maintain your goal weight; as soon as you gain three pounds over your goal weight, return to the all-protein diet to lose it. This works for me because I can have days where I can broaden my range of food choices, but my weight doesn’t spiral out of control like it did before.

If you’re overweight I encourage you to get Dr. Stillman’s book and try the diet for yourself. Look at my before and after pictures-now, I’m proud of the way I look. I feel great, and I rewarded myself by buying lots of new clothes, something I hadn’t done literally in years. I just finished running a 15K without injury and have a half-marathon planned for April.

Give Dr. Stillman’s diet a try- you’ll be amazed and proud of the results! You can do it!

Results after Stillman Quick Weight Loss Diet

Results After Stillman Diet.



  1. Thanks for hosting me today Michael. The Stillman Diet is an effective and straightforward way to lose weight. In case people are looking for the link to his book on Amazon, here it is:


  2. Alaina Grimm says:

    Wow Kelly, that’s really exciting. Congratulations on your weight loss. I might have to check that book out. Are fruits allowed as part of your food?

  3. M.V. Freeman says:

    The results are amazing–You look marvelous and the best thing is how you feel.
    That is so important.

    I’ve considered trying this diet! I’m currently not eating sugar or grains six days a week–and it has helped considerably. I may have to look into this diet to see if it would be more effective. I will ask–did you take supplements while on this diet? Vitamins etc?

    Thanks for being so inspiring!

  4. Hi Alaina! Thanks for stopping by here. No, fruits aren’t allowed since they are technically sugar. The way I approached this restricted diet was to view it as temporary- all the foods I wanted to eat but couldn’t on the diet would still be there when I was thin. 🙂

  5. Hi MV!

    Nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by.

    A multi-vitamin is definitely needed on this diet, and Dr. Stillman discusses that in the book. Since you aren’t eating fruits and veggies, it does become important to take a supplement while on the diet.

    Good for you for cutting out sugar! I noticed when on this diet that my joint pain disappeared-normally I have terrible pain in my hips and elbows, especially at night. Not so on this diet. It must be the sugar and/or carbs, or both.


  6. JJ says:

    As always, you are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks JJ! You are an inspiration too! 🙂

  8. rosena says:

    hi! I just read your inspirational story and i just wanna say thanks!…i was on stillmans for a long time got down to 112 and maintained my weight for a year and a half but then i started havng a glass of wine here a candy there and before i knew it i was up to 128!! two days ago i had a breakdown…..none of my clothes fit…and my self esteem was in the pits…so i looked all over on line for inspiration and i found your blog…it reminded me of how well it worked and how good I i went back on..made my boyfriend lock up all the easter candy and told him that I reallly have to do this NOW…so two days in I lost 3 lbs and actually feel hopeful!! meat and eggs and water…keeps it simple and suck it up….i know some people think that 128 is not fat since i am 5’7′ but people noticed the weight gain and I also began to feel very tired and just not myself..this diet works…and i am hoping i have what it takes to stay on track….thanks again!! rosena

  9. Roisin says:

    Thanks for sharing your success with Stillman’s diet – I just started it today as I have 21 pounds to lose to get to goal and I want to see if I can do it in a month.

  10. Eileen says:

    There are several books that are on Amazon, is there one specific one to follow. The link is for a book that is unavailable on Amazon. Congrats on your success.

  11. Eileen says:

    Hi, I realize this is an old thread but wanted to ask if you lost this weight strictly following the quick weight loss diet stillman? It is so boring so I wondered what menus you used or what was a sample day of food for you? This girl I know did it for 6 months and lost over 100 so I wondered why it wasn’t that way for you? Your results were awesome by the way! I’m starting at 205 and would like to be at 137. How long can you sustain this diet? No veggies, no fruit just meat and cheese and eggs. Please help!!! Thanks so much!!!

  12. martina says:

    which book is it? can you post the cover? there are several and I don’t know which one to buy.

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