Stillman Diet – Simple, Fast, Effective

For those of you who’ve read author Kelly L. Stone’s article ( LINK to Article) on her experience with the Stillman diet, losing 50lbs in a few months and returning to her high school figure, you know how powerful this diet is.

I myself have used this diet when needed over the years. Recently, I decided it was time to dump a few uncomfortable pounds and I’d like to present how I go about doing the Stillman diet effectively.

The first thing I do, before going on the diet is stockpiling beef and chicken. I also use eggs but I have to get those as needed as there is no convenient way to store them. I have plenty of hamburger, some steak for a treat and my two favorite chicken pieces, thighs and breasts, on hand before I even begin.

The reason is that once you start, you don’t want to be distracted by having to run to the store. The way I do the diet is to eat several small meals per day. For instance, I may start the day with a hot air cooked hamburger patty. To spice it up, I use plenty of pink himalayan salt, pepper and sometimes, spicy brown mustard. The generic Walmart brands are economical and do not have anything in them to throw off the diet.

The idea is to eat when you are hungry. You can eat as much of the diet foods as you want and still lose weight. It is the only diet I know where you are never hungry!

My next meal, depending on my mood is either another hamburger patty or a piece of chicken cooked on the hot air cooker.

After you’ve been on the diet for a couple of weeks your appetite is very reduced and so, maybe two meals is all you need. But you do need to eat the protein for the diet to work quickly.

In the early stages of the diet, e.g. within the first two weeks, you might be eating 4 or 5 small meals per day. After the diet settles in, you desire much less.

Another variety I like with my hamburger patty is to eat a boiled egg with it. It really spices it up.

It has been my experience on the Stillman diet that there is an average fat loss of 3.5 pounds per week. All with never being hungry!

The loss is slow enough that the skin adjusts but fast enough that you can see progress almost every day. For myself, I have already lost 7 lbs in two weeks. I don’t have much more I need to lose.

take control of your weight easily and fast. Look into the Stillman diet!

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