Stillman Diet Update – Impressive Results

I first learned about the Stillman diet in 1971 while I was a college student. Being young and active, weight was not a problem but I always take note of information that may be useful in the future.

As time progressed and activity levels dropped, weight became an issue so I pulled out the Stillman diet.

Oh I did try the more traditional diets. All they resulted in was being hungry all the time and practically no fat loss. No wonder people give up trying to get rid of excess fat.

But with the Stillman diet, it’s a totally different story. You get to eat EVERY time you are hungry. You get to eat as much as you want. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t care to.

And the result? I went back on the Stillman diet September 28th. As of today, November 24th, I have lost 21.8 pounds. I am almost to my goal!

I have not been hungry nor have I had to engage in an exercise program although I could use some exercise.

An interesting side note. I thought, in my regular diet, that I was getting plenty of protein but I began to notice my muscles were deteriorating. Since I went on Stillman’s program, my muscles are recovering. So, not only do I feel better and my clothes fit better, my physical health is improving from all the protein. If you are an older person, protein is your friend!

Another interesting note is that on the Stillman diet, your sense of smell and taste sharpen tremendously. It is an interesting phenomena.

The diet is amazing and simple to do. If you are a woman, you should read Kelly Stone’s story (LINK) of how she regained her high school figure in just a few months. She started out a skeptic and then believed she couldn’t do the diet but once she started, it changed her life. The Stillman diet can change yours as well!

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