Stillman Diet Update – Wow

It is now the beginning of the 9th week of the Stillman diet and I am down approximately 24 pounds. That averages out to 2.6 pounds per week.

It’s a fast loss but not so fast that my skin is hanging off me. That’s the beauty of the Stillman diet, the body smoothly drops the weight and balances itself out. No matter how much weight you need to lose. A good example of this is Author Kelly L. Stones experience on the Stillman Diet (LINK) where she lost 50 pounds returning to her high school figure. Even losing this large amount of weight, there was no sagging skin!

Just a few pointers to help the diet along. It is important to take plenty of vitamins and minerals during the diet, although you should be taking them every day anyway. Particularly take plenty of potassium,  magnesium and a quality multi-vitamin. These two minerals are depleted due to the diuretic effect of the diet so you have to put extra back in. Dr. Stillman talks about this in his book, The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet. It’s also mentioned in the book, Protein Power which is a slightly modified version of the Stillman Diet. The Protein Power program works but it is slower due to adding a few things to the eating schedule.

If you are in a hurry to trim up, and who isn’t, Dr. Stillman’s program is the best. If you are not in a hurry and can live with a 50 percent drop in effectiveness, e.g. with my results, rather than 2.6 pounds per week, it would be 1.3 pounds per week, the Protein Power program is the way to go.

The important thing to remember is there is an effective and economical way to trim down to a healthy figure. All it takes is eating the right foods as per the Stillman program or the Protein Power program. I urge you to get both of these books to learn how to take control of your body image. With the holiday season approaching, make a resolution to get The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet and Protein Power. Then put them into action and feel good about yourself!

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