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We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Well, time passes. We start out very tiny and then grow to full size. All this takes place in the first 26 years or so. Then, after the age of 26, life catches up to us. Family, work etc. Now personally, I’ve never been a very active person. I was more of the great indoors […]

Do Doctors Really Want you to be Healthy?

When was the last time you saw your local funeral home promoting a health fair or donating to life extension? I never have and don’t expect to because healthy people and long lived people are bad for business. So, it stands to reason that the medical business also doesn’t want to support things that are […]

Water – What you Need to Know

Water is the basic building block of life. Most of our body consists of water, yet, most people do not drink enough water. My opinion as to the reason is that most water today, whether from the tap or a bottle, is not healthy. How do I know this? Personal experience. Back in 1995, I […]

Nutrients and Health: Is Aging Necessary?

Do we have to age? I don’t think so. Give the body what it needs and you will be healthier and live longer.