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We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Well, time passes. We start out very tiny and then grow to full size. All this takes place in the first 26 years or so. Then, after the age of 26, life catches up to us. Family, work etc. Now personally, I’ve never been a very active person. I was more of the great indoors […]

Stillman Diet Update – Wow

It is now the beginning of the 9th week of the Stillman diet and I am down approximately 24 pounds. That averages out to 2.6 pounds per week. It’s a fast loss but not so fast that my skin is hanging off me. That’s the beauty of the Stillman diet, the body smoothly drops the […]

Stillman Diet Update – Impressive Results

I first learned about the Stillman diet in 1971 while I was a college student. Being young and active, weight was not a problem but I always take note of information that may be useful in the future. As time progressed and activity levels dropped, weight became an issue so I pulled out the Stillman […]

Stillman Diet – Simple, Fast, Effective

For those of you who’ve read author Kelly L. Stone’s article ( LINK to Article) on her experience with the Stillman diet, losing 50lbs in a few months and returning to her high school figure, you know how powerful this diet is. I myself have used this diet when needed over the years. Recently, I […]