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The No Hunger Diet that WORKS

A Special Post by Author Kelly L. Stone    My Successful Experience with the Stillman Diet ©Kelly Stone The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Method, a high-protein diet developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Irvin Stillman, is just what the name suggests: a quick way to lose weight without drugs or exercise. I know because from […]

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Are You Thinking Yourself Fat?

Is weight gain during the holidays really necessary? Consider this: If you talk with people about the holiday season, they always talk about gaining weight. Interestingly enough, just about everybody cites 10 pounds. When people talk like this, it reminds me of research that shows attitudes affect weight. In other words, what you THINK results […]

Mind Affects the Body

We tend to think that our thoughts have no effect. How often have you heard the phrase, “It’s just a thought”? The truth is, our thoughts are much more powerful than we know and it’s been demonstrated by research. In her book The Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggart presents several research examples. In one example from […]

Why It is Important to Study the Mind/Body Connection

People tend to think that the Mind/Body connection is either weird or unimportant. However, it is neither. It is probably the most important topic you can explore. The role that the Mind plays in health is very powerful. It is so powerful that it defies supposed physical limitations. Take for example, the healings that occur […]