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Save Forever – A Great TV Series

I don’t watch TV much. Instead, I pick out shows that have some meaning or value. One of the few shows I watch is called Forever, the story of a man who, over 200 years ago was killed trying to do the right thing, yet, instead of dying, he became immortal. The show is his […]

The Christmas Season – A Time of Reflection and Movies that will Help

For me, the holiday season is a time of reflection. A wrap up of the year that’s been and a preparation for a Great New Year! It is a time for good will to others and to revitalize one’s faith. I have found several movies that reflect the spirit of the holiday season. I would […]

Why It is Important to Study the Mind/Body Connection

People tend to think that the Mind/Body connection is either weird or unimportant. However, it is neither. It is probably the most important topic you can explore. The role that the Mind plays in health is very powerful. It is so powerful that it defies supposed physical limitations. Take for example, the healings that occur […]

Can the Mind Heal Disease?

A man is cured of tuberculosis by his MIND.