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Diabetes – Do you Have to Have It?

The topic of diabetes is a personal one for me. It runs in my family on my father’s side. My grandfather’s mother had it, my grandfather had it, my father had it and so do my brother and sister. I don’t. Why? That’s what this post is about! What people don’t realize is that adult […]

Is Wheat Dangerous to your Health?

Wheat. It’s everywhere! Not only is it everywhere in traditional bread and bakery products, it’s in many different products as well. The nutrition people tell us to eat more whole grains and have since 1985. However, something began to happen to people after 1985! Obesity and diabetes skyrocketed! Concidence? Not according to Dr. William Davis, […]

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Are You Thinking Yourself Fat?

Is weight gain during the holidays really necessary? Consider this: If you talk with people about the holiday season, they always talk about gaining weight. Interestingly enough, just about everybody cites 10 pounds. When people talk like this, it reminds me of research that shows attitudes affect weight. In other words, what you THINK results […]

Magnesium – Important but Forgotten Mineral

My goal in this blog is to provide information for good health both mental and physical. One cannot talk about great health without talking about Magnesium. Let me explain that although my professional background is in psychology, physical health has been an important field of independent study since junior high school.  Our bodies are the […]