If You Don’t Know You Can’t, You CAN!

How potent are beliefs? Very!

They determine our success because if we don’t believe we can do something, we don’t even try or only try ineffectively.

Dr. Robert H. Schuller, who has promoted the Power of Positive thinking presented the following true story:

A college math student was late for class one day. He took his seat and noticed there were three equations on the chalk board.  He thought this must be the homework assignment so he wrote them down. Later, when he started to work on them, he found them to be the hardest equations he had ever seen. He worked and worked on them but was only able to solve one of them.  He was concerned about this but turned in the paper to the math professor.

A few days later, there was a knock at his door. He opened it to find the math professor who was all excited. The math professor asked him, “Do you know what you did?”

No, the student didn’t have a clue. Then the math professor told him he had solved one of the three, UNSOLVABLE equations!

The student was late and had not heard the professor tell the class these equations were impossible to solve.  He instead thought they were a normal homework assignment. He had solved one of the UNSOLVABLE equations! Why, because he didn’t know he “couldn’t”.

The student went on to become a famous mathematician. Being late to class got him in the history books!

If you put limits on yourself or allow others to put limits on yourself with negative thinking and negative beliefs, you will never  experience the Power that your Mind holds. Think about it.

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  1. Sue says:

    It’s true, the mind is very powerful and the student had no doubt.

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