Save Forever – A Great TV Series

I don’t watch TV much. Instead, I pick out shows that have some meaning or value. One of the few shows I watch is called Forever, the story of a man who, over 200 years ago was killed trying to do the right thing, yet, instead of dying, he became immortal. The show is his story of trying to find out why and how it happened while he attempts to keep secret that he is over 200 years old.

A fantastic, spiritual show with a wonderful cast. Yet, ABC decided to cancel it even though it had a very large audience, e.g. in the millions. They also never bothered to promote it and put it in a crummy time slot. I found it just by accident as have literally millions of others.

Those of us who watch the show are trying to save it. There are petitions linked below which I hope you will sign:


Another Petition to Save Forever Please sign all petitions; make a difference. Still another Petition to Save Forever. Please sign them all.

If you’ve never seen the show, I urge you to watch the first episode. It’s a great story with a warm, loving lead character: Dr. Henry Morgan.

Read about the movement to save this wonder series HERE!

The No Hunger Diet that WORKS

A Special Post by Author Kelly L. Stone

Before Stillman Diet

Aug. 2013 – Before Stillman Diet


 My Successful Experience with the Stillman Diet

©Kelly Stone

The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Method, a high-protein diet developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Irvin Stillman, is just what the name suggests: a quick way to lose weight without drugs or exercise. I know because from August 2013 to December 2013, I lost 50 pounds following Dr. Stillman’s advice-that’s roughly ten pounds a month. No matter how you look at it, ten pounds a month can not be considered unsafe-that’s less than 4 pounds per week. I’d like to share my experience with you so that you might consider using Dr. Stillman’s diet as an easy and fast way to shed unwanted pounds.

By the way, Dr. Stillman’s book, The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Method, is still available on Amazon.

My Experience

I’m 5’8” tall and in August 2013, topped the scales at 185.5 pounds.  I felt sluggish, my appetite was out of control, I craved sweets and pasta constantly, I could never get full no matter how much I ate, I got a stress fracture in my leg when I tried running the weight off (plus I only lost 7 pounds during the 4 months I was running), and I looked and felt awful. To make matters worse, my medical check-up for health insurance revealed I was pre-diabetic, hypertensive, my “bad” cholesterol was high, and my BMI was over 30 which put me in the “obese” category.  It was depressing!

So I ate my last pizza on August  18, 2013 (yes I ate the whole thing by myself) and started the diet on Monday, August 19. Following Dr. Stillman’s “approved foods” list in his book, I stocked up on lean hamburger meat, lean chicken, tuna in water, 2% cottage cheese, and steak.

I confess that the first two weeks was the hardest; getting into the mindset to eat two boiled eggs for breakfast, a hamburger patty or can of tuna for lunch, and a broiled steak for dinner took some mental and physical adjusting. I had a mild headache and some GI distress as my body detoxed from carbs, but within three days I’d lost my first two pounds. The first two weeks I lost about 12 pounds. That was enough encouragement for me to keep going.

After two weeks the diet became easy. My appetite decreased significantly, so that a hamburger patty or can of tuna actually filled me up. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to eat a small amount of protein and feel full! Grocery shopping became a breeze, and as I continued to diet, I was consistently losing three to five pounds per week.  When I lost 20 pounds people started to notice and compliment me, which also helped me keep going.

After I’d dropped 25 pounds I had another medical check-up, and the nurse who did my bloodwork was astounded at the results-I was no longer pre-diabetic or hypertensive, my “bad” cholesterol had dropped to a normal level, and my BMI was 20, which put me in the “normal” range.

I lost a total of 50 pounds on the Stillman diet and am now in maintenance phase. Dr. Stillman has a “three-pound-red-flag-rule” to help you maintain your goal weight; as soon as you gain three pounds over your goal weight, return to the all-protein diet to lose it. This works for me because I can have days where I can broaden my range of food choices, but my weight doesn’t spiral out of control like it did before.

If you’re overweight I encourage you to get Dr. Stillman’s book and try the diet for yourself. Look at my before and after pictures-now, I’m proud of the way I look. I feel great, and I rewarded myself by buying lots of new clothes, something I hadn’t done literally in years. I just finished running a 15K without injury and have a half-marathon planned for April.

Give Dr. Stillman’s diet a try- you’ll be amazed and proud of the results! You can do it!

Results after Stillman Quick Weight Loss Diet

Results After Stillman Diet.


November 22, 1963 – A Day to Remember

This post addresses the impact on the conscious of the people alive at the time President Kennedy was murdered.

On November 22, 1963, I was in sixth grade. It was a Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend and to the Thanksgiving holidays the next week.  Some time after 1pm, an announcement came over the intercom system that the President had been killed and school was letting out early. In short order, the buses arrived and everyone was sent home.

The atmosphere was dismal that weekend. The television kept repeating the same negative story all weekend. Then on Sunday, there was the murder of Oswald, on live television. That scene was repeated over and over again.

The murder of John Kennedy had a negative impact on everyone; whether supporter or non-supporter. It was just wrong and not what America was about.

What most people today who weren’t alive at the time President Kennedy was murdered don’t realize is that the majority of the people of the time, didn’t believe what was being reported about the murder.  Although I was a child, I heard much talk about how it’s unlikely that only one person was involved and particularly, after the alledged murder weapon was produced, all the hunters around my area knew that it was impossible that particular rifle could have hit anything much less have been fired as many times as claimed in the short time listed. The untruth about the murder of the President caused great distress to everyone. When the Warren Commission report came out, very few people believed the conclusions.

Although people knew something was fishy about what was being reported, some people took action. Two of the earliest researchers were Harold Weisberg and Mark Lane. At their own expense, they researched the murder and discovered that the Warren Commission report was a whitewash and didn’t reveal the truth. Since their pioneering work, many others have also done the work the Warren Commission refused to do and discovered there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. The House Assassination committee in the late 1970’s also concluded there was a conspiracy to murder President Kennedy.

Here are some a few of the books that show the Warren Commission ignored much evidence: JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by Douglass, Rush To Judgment: The #1 Bestseller That Dares to Reveal What the Warren Report Concealed About the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by Mark Lane, and Never Again!: The Government Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination by Harold Weisberg.

All these researchers have actually looked at the facts and drawn conclusions about who was involved. Most recently, evidence has come to light that Lyndon Johnson was a key conspirator in the Kennedy murder.  His behavior after the assassination was always suspicious.

Now, what people don’t realize is that Lyndon Johnson’s wife, called Lady Bird, spent a great deal of her early years in Central Alabama which was where her parents were from. Her family fortune, which attracted Lyndon, came from her father, Thomas Jefferson Taylor, who had been a poverty stricken sharecropper in Alabama. He decided to end his poverty by robbing a train in Alabama and then fleeing to Texas to escape the law. He used that money to buy protection and land, ultimately making a fortune.

This story was well known to the people of Central Alabama. Some of them even had associated with the young, Ms. Taylor, with the nickname of Lady Bird. So, with this background, it was just a general consensus that Lyndon Johnson had been involved in the Kennedy murder. Now, 50 years later, research and evidence proves they were right. The following books present the evidence: The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination, and Blood, Money, & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK.

Truth is always a purifier. One of the reasons that the collective consciousness of the people was so adversely affected is that not only did an awful murder take place in front of hundreds of witnesses, and in the case of Oswald, millions, but afterwards, the people were lied to about who did it. Books that support the Warren Commission Report ignore the evidence and the conclusion of the House Assassination committee. If a book claims there was a lone gunman, you are wasting your time reading it.

After a half century, it’s time for truth. I recommend the following books:

Educate yourself as to the facts about the murder of President Kennedy. Rest in Peace, Mr. President. There are many other books that I recommend. If there is any interest in the comments, I will list them as well.

Do Doctors Really Want you to be Healthy?

When was the last time you saw your local funeral home promoting a health fair or donating to life extension? I never have and don’t expect to because healthy people and long lived people are bad for business. So, it stands to reason that the medical business also doesn’t want to support things that are bad for business!

I’ve often pondered the extreme conflict of interest that the medical business has and you really should too. You see, it is a business, just like a car dealership. I must admit though, it is a much tougher business and people in medicine have to deal with many awful and traumatic events; I admire them for being able to deal with many awful things. But when you remove that factor, it’s, for the most part, a business just like any other business.

The car dealer has a service department. He may not have made the car or even sold you the car, but he is prepared to service it. The whole business is based on things wearing out.

As a matter of fact, back in the 1970s, the American auto industry was caught making products that were so bad, they deteriorated quickly. That’s when foreign cars took over the American market.

So, what does the car business and health care business have in common? They depend on the product breaking down and eventually wearing out requiring more and more maintenance!

So, all business exists to serve a function. If suddenly that funciton is no longer needed, the business goes away.

Medicine is a multi-billion or even trillion  dollar business. Doctors and hospitials make money, pay bills, hire people, etc.  They specialize in sick people; parts replacement (organ transplants), repair, and maintenance of the “vehicle”. An ill person comes in and then, just like at the car dealer, they are told various maintenance items or new parts they need for their “vehicle”.

What would happen if people were healthy? A multi-billion or trillion dollar per year industry would dry up! There would be numerous people having to look for other types of jobs. Yes, medicine is a job just like an auto mechanic. As long as there are vehicles in bad conditon, there will be business and money to be made for the mechanic.

Don’t you think this influences health decisions and even health research?

In my opinion, it’s the conflict of interest; there is no motivation to cure anything or give sound health advice because the more unhealthy people are, the more they go to the doctor. Would you do something to destroy your income? I doubt it and doctors are people just like you.

When I was a child, people rarely went to the doctor unless they were really ill with something that was life threatening. Today, many people schedule their lives around going to the doctor just because they think they are suppose to do so. Yet, when I was a child, people were thin, healthy and lived a full, active life. Do you see that today?

So, it’s important to remember that medicine, and dentistry,  is a business just like automotive repair. We are the automobiles. It’s wise to get a second and third opinion about repair to your car; you should do the same thing with your most important vehicle, your body.