Why It is Important to Study the Mind/Body Connection

People tend to think that the Mind/Body connection is either weird or unimportant. However, it is neither. It is probably the most important topic you can explore.

The role that the Mind plays in health is very powerful. It is so powerful that it defies supposed physical limitations. Take for example, the healings that occur in sacred places such as Lourdes. Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his excellent book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, relates the following case:

Madame Bire was blind with atrophied optic nerves. After her visit to Lourdes, she could see.  However, doctors that examined her afterwards discovered that her optic nerves were still atrophied and useless. She could see anyway.

A month later, a new examination showed that her optic nerves were renewed and restored to normal.

Such is the power of the Mind. Madame Bire believed she would have her vision restored and it was restored. It was restored even before the body equipment was in place to “allow” vision. How is this possible? From a physiological standpoint, modern psychology really doesn’t know how things like vision and memory function. This case demonstrates there is more to our reality than our physical body.

What you truly believe becomes a reality. Beliefs make our reality; make sure you have positive ones.

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